ONEEIGHTY FOR GIRLS is a 120-day program available for non-adjudicated teenage girls and their families living in Palm Beach County. The program consists of the following four components.

GROUP HOME FOR TEENAGE GIRLS: The program provides a safe homelike environment to at-risk teenage girls between the ages of twelve and seventeen. While in the home girls are taught life-skills, social skills and given the opportunity to develop positive relationships away from risk factors which may have contributed to their delinquent behavior.
AFTER-SCHOOL PROGRAM: Provides the same services received in the group home but in a nonresidential environment. The after-school program not only focuses on prevention but also provides a safe, structured environment and a means to support academic achievement through tutoring. Mentoring will be apart of the services included in this program to help guide the girls’ behavior.
POSITIVE PARENTING ACTIVITIES: The positive parenting course is designed to improve the parenting and communication skills of parents and caregivers with children participating in the ONEEIGHTY Program. A series of ten mandated classes based on STEP (Systematic Training for Effective Parenting) will be given.
DRUG ABUSE EDUCATION AND PREVENTION SERVICES: Provides knowledge to teenage girls to prevent or reduce the illicit and licit use of drugs by them; and may include individual, family, group and peer counseling. Also provides information and training relating to the use of drugs by teenagers to individuals involved in caring for them. Girls will participate in the All Stars character based violence prevention program designed to delay the onset of or prevent high-risk behaviors. Proven to reduce substance abuse by 40% - 60% and reduce sexual activity by 80%: this program can actually stop the initiation of youth substance abuse, violence and premature sexual activity by fostering development of positive personal characteristics.

Girl participants receive weekly group counseling and are mandated to participate in family counseling twice a month. Certified therapist provides counseling sessions.