All donations to ONEEIGHTY for GIRLS are fully tax deductible as charitable contributions on your income tax return for this year.

The youth of tomorrow need your help. Troubled, Delinquent, Neglected youth used to be a high priority for public spending but times have changed. At the end of the 20th century we have to rely on the generosity of people who care about children and their future to make up the difference, and keep providing needed services to teenage girls and their families.

We are working hard to redirect troubled teenage girls and their families up the right path. Reminding the girls that at ONEEIGHTY for GIRLS U-Turns are permitted and always encouraged. We are in need of your financial support to offer many of the needed services residences of Palm Beach County are in need of to strengthen and rebuild their families.

Donations are gratefully received no matter what the amount or type. You can donate as little as one dollar, or as much as a million dollars. We accept donations of household items, furniture, appliances, books, school supplies, vehicles, buildings, games etc.

So if you find it within yourself and your ability to give, listed to the right are various ways you can make a donation.

Give by mailing check to
ONEEIGHTY for Girls, Inc.
P.O. Box 541532
Lake Worth, FL 33454-1532
Purchase an item online @ ONEEIGHTY’s Ebay store or auction.
Deposit donation directly into fundraising account set up at Bank of America.
Account # 898021808464
Make a donation through Google Checkout Account.
Once we are in receipt of your donation,
a statement will be sent to you for
tax-deductible purposes, upon your request.